Thursday, 29 September 2011

That's not my name

There was a photo of me in a Slovenian magazine Mladina, in the street style section.

Well, that's not my name!

Friday, 23 September 2011

In the wild

Some photos by Peter Giodani from Safari vol.1 in Gromka, 15th Oktober 2011. DJs PlankTon, N'toko and me, live act Beatmyth, visuals Trajna. It was fun:)

Sunday, 11 September 2011

SAFARI vol.1

Safari is a new monthly DJ event in club Gromka held by N'toko, PlankTon and me. It's all about creating ourselves an opportunity to play the music we like. Music that we want to party to but don't hear much of it in our usual hang out places. It's about representing our own production and inviting other DJ's and electronic musicians as well.
Safari vol.1 will happen on Thursday, September 15th. Since it's the first event the special live act goes to Beatmyth  (a collaboration between PlankTon and N'toko). We start at 22.00.
See you:)

Mesečni DJ event.
N'toko. PlankTon. Zana.
Rolamo muziko, ki bi jo v klubih radi slišali več.
Preferiramo novo, svežo produkcijo.
In komade ki so namenjeni plesu.
Electro. house. breakbeat. techno. hip hop.
Živi nastopi elektronskih glasbenikov.

Safari vol.1:

Live Act:
BeatMyth (

PlankTon (
N'toko (
Zana (

Trajna (


V premierni ediciji se bodo protagonisti Safarija predstavili tako z dj seti kot tudi z live actom. BeatMyth je avtorski projekt DJ PlankTona in Mike-a Preetersa z N'tokom na vokalu. V Gromki bosta PlankTon in N'toko predstavila tako nekaj materiala iz lanskega albuma "Your own two heads" kot tudi še neizdane pesmi.

cena vstopnice: 3.00 EUR

Monday, 5 September 2011


One of the fun things we did in Tokyo was shooting Miha's PV. The director was our friend Matt Schley who was in Tokyo on a mission to make a documentary about post-quake Japan, but did this video instead. The actors were Ian, Kaname, Haru, James, Miha, Masaki, Matt himself and me. The story is simple: we hang out at our usual place, Miha has a gig and nobody pays any attention to it. We are bored or we do our own stuff. The video is a beautiful tribute to Koenji, the coolest place on Earth and to Koenji One, a venue that always offers us a shelter when we want to do something fun.

PV stands for a promotional video and not a private video
Matt is from Denver and not from Alabama although his accent is quite convincing
thanks to Oguri-san for letting us use One again

And as Ian said in a Jack Kerouac style:

(photos by Matt Schley)