Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Fashion Crisis worldwide!

Ian Martin, the boss of Call and Response Records, organizer of super cool Koenji events Fashion Crisis and the mastermind behind our band Trinitron, is coming to Ljubljana with his beautiful wife Kaname K. We decided to make Fashion Crisis an international party, so the event will be held in Tokyo and Ljubljana on the same day. The party on which the sun never sets.Unconventional DJs who'll spin the most awesome hits you've never heard before will try to bring you the magic of Tokyo's eclectic underground scene with a Slovenian twist. Music from the world and beyond. Be ready for some new wave, electro, postpunk, Japanese bubblegum spazz-core, kraut-glam, technopop, Korean pop, North Korean pop, NDW, French syntcore, post swag-wave, Dutch-electro-Bollyhouse, junglist cybertrance, post-girlfriend junglepop, chip-hop. inter swagtronica, showinist bounce and MORE!

where: Menza Pri Koritu, Metelkova mesto.
when: Friday, April 6th 2012
time: 22.00.-5.00.
entrance: free before midnight, 2 euros after.


Ian Martin
Kaname K
Svemir Mango (Kukla in Eva from Napravi Mi Dete)
Shampoo Guy
Bravo Urska
Shanti Priya
where: Bar One, Koenji
when: Friday, April 6th
time: 20.00.-1.00.
entrance: free

DJs and live acts:

DJ Spudboy (from UK)
Sheee!!! & Ayaya (Bad Noise)
Grant McGaheran (Abikyokan)
Haru (3TE1)
James Hadfield

DJ team 3TE1 (Kaname K and Haru) at Fashion Crisis in Koenji.
Photo by James Hadfield.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Safari vol.6

Come and celebrate with us the release of the new BeatMyth album 'Questionable Image'. 

Congratulations to Igor (PlankTon) and his collegue Mike Preeters for their hard work and wonderful music. 

Safari vol.6 presents you with BeatMyth live act with N'toko on vocals, and guest DJ Felis Catus from Don't Make New People.

Be there:)

BeatMyth album release party!
Pol leta je minilo od prvega Safarija, na katerem sta PlankTon in N'toko v živo predstavila delo produkcijskega dvojca BeatMyth, tokrat pa se vračata na oder z novim albumom "Questionable image", ki bo na ta dan ugledal luč sveta. Praznovati nam bodo pomagali gost Felis Catus, rezidentka Zana, in Koala na vizualijah. 

It's been exactly 6 months since DJ PlankTon and MC N'toko presented the BeatMyth project at the very first Safari event. Now they're back with the brand new album "Questionable image" which will be released on the same day. Joining the party will be guest dj Felis Catus, resident Zana, and of course visual artist Koala.

BeatMyth sta DJ PlankTon in Mike Preeters, ki že od 2007 avanturistično posegata v breakbeat in njegove derivate, na njunih stvaritvah pa se pogosto znajde tudi rapperski vokal  N'toka.

BeatMyth are DJ PlankTon and Mike Preeters, who have been taking adventurous leaps into the world of breakbeat and its offsprings since 2007, with MC N'toko doing what he does best on the mic.

Koala™(Trajna) (

Gromka. 22.3.2012. ob 22:30
Vstopnina: 3evre

You can get a free download of the lates single 'S!ck feat. N'toko':

And a video made by Iztok Cunta:

Thursday, 1 March 2012


Safari vol. 5 was very special to me. I was lying in my bed sick for the whole week and didn't know until the last minute if I'll have enough power to go to Safari or not. I was drugged enough by antibiotics to decide to go there anyway and do my part. Thanks to the andrenaline I was able to stand and even to dance for a few hours and have fun. 
Special thanks to Ludivik Material for being so awesome, to Moof and Sv. Pixel for making the crowd dance and of course, to Koala for the visuals and Peter Giodani for the photos. 
See you at next Safari!