Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Haunted House

Kaki's next gig will be on Sunday, 29th July at Obake Yashiki. Obake Yashiki is mainly an experimental/ noise/ underground event but stays open for all genres. The name of the event literally means 'haunted house' and it really looks like one since it's taking place at Gari Gari, one of the most bizarre looking venues I've ever seen. Maybe it looks more like a wrecked ship than a house, but still haunted:) Anyway, it's gonna be fun and musically very diverse, so don't miss it :)


when: July 29th
where: Gari Gari (Ikenoue station)
open: 18.30.
start: 19.30.
1000 yen

Jahiliyyah! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWqEkoezCco&feature=plcp)
Kiek! (http://soundcloud.com/kiieek )
The Dosages! ( http://www.polarityrecords.com/the-dosages.html )
Kaki! (http://m.soundcloud.com/zanacaroline )

 And a few photos from previous events:
Kaki at Fashion Crisis:

Kaki at Telephone Club:

Kaki at Fukuoka/ Utero:

Monday, 16 July 2012

Kyushu tour 2012

This weekend a bunch of us are heading down to Kyushu for the long awaited N'toko & Jebiotto Kyushu tour 2012. We'll visit three places: Fukuoka, Kitakyushu and Kumamoto. I'll participate as well, one day as a support act (Kaki), one day as a DJ and one day, well, just as a groupie :)
There are many things that excite me about this trip. 
First- Jebiotto are my new favorite band and I'm super excited to be on a tour with them.
Second- we are bringing many friends with us. Besides me and Miha and Ian who will also DJ at two of the events, Kaname, Matt and Alex are coming as well. And also some people from Jebiotto's side. The more the merrier:)
Third- last year on Kyushu I was really sick. Everybody says Kyushu is the number one party place in Japan, but I wouldn't know, I just stayed in my room most of the time feeling miserable. So, I'm hoping to experience it this time.
Anyway, this is the tour schedule, if you're from around, check it out:)

Telephone Club
Friday 20th July
Utero (Fukuoka)
open: 18.30.
1500 yen

Fake Doll Nott

Ian Martin

Early Years # 80: Call and Response night!
Sunday, 22nd July
Navaro (Kumamoto)
open: 20.00.
adv: 1500 yen
door: 2000 yen

Dia Syndicate
Ian Martin

Please check the web site of Kokura (Kitakyushu) for the info of Saturday's gig:

And since I already mentioned how cool I think Jebiotto are, here are two videos that will give you an impression of their awesomeness:

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Boys and Girls and Telephone Club

Two events in Tokyo coming up this weekend. The first one is Telephone Club at Studio Dom in Koenji. Ian, Miha and I all have birthdays in July so Ian put up an event to celebrate the occasion. I'm gonna do my Kaki performance again, along with N'toko and some great bands such as Jebiotto and more. Come and have fun with us:)

TELEPHONE CLUB (Birthday Edition)
Koenji Dom Studio
Friday 13th July
24.00.- 05.00
1500 yen


And the next day we all play again at another event at Echo in Shibuya. Miha (N'toko) will play live and me and Ian will DJ. I'm just getting ready for my DJ set, I wanna do something different than usual. More hip-hop/Baltimore/house/trash. I can't wait to try it out:)

Echo Shibuya
Saturday 14th July
23.00.- 05.00.
500 yen

N'Toko (Slovenia)
Boys of Hong Kong
Back in Tokio
Tomo (Style Band Tokyo)
Ian Martin (Call and Response)
Zana Caroline
... more!