Friday, 14 September 2012

El Dorado

I just wanna post some photos from our bye bye party in Tokyo. Some of my happiest moments captured in pictures. Dancing with everybody to K-pop, Bollywood and Milli Vanilli, jumping and screaming to Capsule's Striker, that was just awesome. I should stop writing this before I get too sentimental (I'm already heading that direction, oops, that was fast). Anyway, thanks to Kantaro and Praha Depart for playing the show, thanks to all the DJs, thanks to Oguri-san for lending us One and most of all, thanks to all of you for making this summer unforgettable.  I can't wait to see you again. ♥
Photos by James Hadfield

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Knock out

I already modeled once for Jang Yuyu last year. She's an upcoming fashion designer, inspired by Japanese street style you can find in shops like Dog in Harajuku or Kitakore in Koenji. Her unique designs are based around jackets that can all be transformed into bags. I really like working with her, our photo-shootings are always really simple, but fun. Please check her work on her website:
You can find our previous photos here:

Thursday, 6 September 2012


In august I modeled for fashion brand Manu. The designers Yumiko Murata and Toru Serikyaku scouted me on the street in Koenji. The shooting was really fun, everybody in the team were friendly and warm, I think we all enjoyed our time together. I even worked with the make-up artist Mami again a few days later. Anyway, Manu's clothes are awesome, please, check them out on their website:

And some more about the collection at Fashion Press:

Saturday, 1 September 2012

The End of Summer

Let's hang out once more before we leave Japan!
Come to say bye bye to One on Sunday, cause....

Every goodbye makes the next hello closer :)

Thank you for everything!

Our bye bye party and Kaname K's B-day!
Koenji One
September 2nd
18.00.- last train
cost: free

Praha Depart & N'toko session

Ian Martin
James Hadfield
Takashi Tsutsumi (Jebiotto)
Zana Caroline