Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Mind Business - Kaki Business

Last summer's work: filming a music PV for N'toko with Matt Schley, who already directed a PV for the song Superhuman a year before. However, this was Kaki's first video role. Her character was a mysterious sinister woman ripping off Meiko Kaji's famous 'Female Convict Scorpion' outfit (well, the hat and the black), being tied up in the middle of Tokyo streets at one point and at the other stalking the lead male character of the story. With lots of random cats who could be her as well, so at the end, who is chasing who? Who is the villain and who is the victim? Who knows... Enjoy the video :)

Here is another video done by Matt Schley. It's a second version of Superhuman (check the first version here ) and it's trying to imitate the VHS-'82 camera effect. I think It's really cool.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Let's dance!


Techno✔ House✔ Fuck winter✔

5th October 2013
at 22.00
Jalla Jalla / Metelkova

See you!