Sunday, 12 May 2013

Om Shanti Om

It's been a while since I last deejayed Bollywood music so I'm super excited about my next event: an all night marathon of Indian pop in Gromka. For this occasion I'm bringing out one of my alter egos, Shanti Priya, who will play the finest tunes of Bollywood, and my girls from Ljubljana's Bollywood dance group will hit the dance floor and transform the club into an Indian movie fairytale. Or a wedding party:)
Anyway, I'm declaring this May to be my Bollywood month. On the 1st of May I joined the shooting of a Bollywood movie as an extra. Yes, in Slovenia :)  On the 23rd of May I'm organizing a Bollywood dance workshop in Yoga Studio Sadhana. On the 30th of May; Om Shanti Om in Gromka and I'm also going to London with Kaname K from Trinitron (let's not go into details, but it's a bit Bollywood-ish, me and Kaname together).
 So, my heart feels like dancing :)

"woh banda hi kya hain, jho naache na gaaye
aa haaton mein tu hath thaam le 
oi dance pe chance marle, oh soniya dance pe chance marle"
what kind of person is that, who doesn't dance and sing
come hold my hand in your hand
  take a chance on dance, o sweetie take a chance on dance.

Klub Gromka
May 30th 2013

Na ta večer se bo v Gromko naselil košček Indije. Indijski pop v najbolj žlahtnem pomenu besede. Glasba, ki živi na filmskih platnih, glasba ki živi na ulicah. Glasba, ki vsebuje prah razbeljenih indijskih cest in vonj soparnih azijskih noči. Potovali bomo prek zgodovine Bollywooda od najlepših zimzelenih melodij pa vse do superhitov sobodnega časa.

Posebno opozorilo: Vstop na lastno odgovornost! Če se bojiš zaplesati, se Gromki raje izogni v ogromnem loku, kajti tveganje za izgubo nadzora nad telesom je preveliko.

Za vzpodbudo tistim pogumnejšim pa se nam bodo pridružile tudi bollywood plesalke, ki bodo večer popestrile s čudovitimi koreografijami iz indijskih filmov, za nameček pa še s kako orientalsko.

Za glasbo bo poskrbela Shanti Priya.

opp: Bollywood je skovanka iz besed Bombay in Hollywood in označuje eno največjih filmskih industrij na svetu. Najmočnejša aduta filmov, nastalih na Indijski podcelini sta ravno glasba in ples, ki ne manjkata v nobeni zgodbi. V koreografijah se vrhunski plesalci gibljejo prek indijskih klasičnih stilov, dvornih plesov kurtizan, ljudskih rajanj indijskega bogatega folklornega izročila pa vse do hiphopa in njegovih MTVjevskih derivatov. Tudi bollywood glasba je od svojega rojstva s prvim indijskim zvočnim filmom leta 1931 doživela že nešteto preobrazb. Od klasične glasbe sitarjev do funka in r'nb ja, od pobožnih bhajanov do elektronskih štanc, od ghazalov do hip-hopa in od najbolj mastnih punjabi beatov do srce parajočih balad.


I also want to post some songs that I keep listening to again and again and can't get enough of them for months. 

The first one is Kuchi Kuchi and Kumar Sanu's voice is just too sexy to handle, somehow:)

The second song is Khaike Paan Banaraswala, it's a party song. Why? Because the hero gets high on paan and bhang he gets while hanging out with the crowd from Varanasi.
"Eating paan from Banaras  opens up the locks on your brain."

The third song is a romantic one. I fell in love with Aamir Khan when I heard this song and since then I can't stop watching his movies.
"Sleep doesn't come to me. I don't have any peace. My situation is uncontrollable, nobody know what ail I suffer from. I don't know where I lost my heart..."

The fourth song  is a big hit from 2011/12. Why this kolaveri di. Performed by Dhanush, the cutest actor in the world. Well, I have to admit I watched only 20 minutes of one of his movies. But it was enough to make this statement :)
"Why this Killer rage?" 

The fifth song is Mhare Hiwda Mein Naache Mor. We did this choreography at Bollywood dance lessons with an amazing teacher Sylvia Valentine. It was a really precious time for me, attending these classes, so this song will always stay in my heart.

And the last one for now, Pardesi Pardesi. It broke my heart just recently. A 90's classic.
"I won't tell you not to love some traveler, but don't trust one... Foreigner my friend, keep your promise. Remember me, don't forget somehow..."


Death Rattle

Photos from Safari vol.16 with Death Rattle, taken by Peter Giodani.


Safari vol.16: 9th May 2013, Gromka.
Live: Death Rattle (UK)
DJs: N'toko, Zana, PlankTon

Monday, 6 May 2013

Time Out 2

The first month of Time Out events was really nice. We listened to the sounds of Tibetan bowls, we experienced the hidden magic of old Slovenian folk songs and we learned about ancient yogic cleansing techniques.
The upcoming events are also aimed at promoting a wider and deeper knowledge of yoga and Indian culture. 

The first in the series will be a workshop on yoga nidra, a practice with ancient tantric roots, which is now used as a form of a deep relaxation with huge benefits for our bodies and minds. It's also referred to as a 'dynamic sleep' or 'dreaming awake' since it brings you to the borderlines of sleep and wakefulness where you experience the prolonged activity of alpha brain waves. Yoga nidra is recommended to people suffering from psychosomatic diseases such as insomnia, back problems, diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, asthma, ulcer, migraine, cancer, digestive and skin disorders... It's also suited for people trying to improve their attitude towards life, their behavior, habits, memory, concentration and awakening their full spiritual potentials. This workshop will be conducted by me.

The second workshop will be guided meditation with the support of live Indian music. The meditation will be conducted by yoga teacher Ana Colja.  I will post more information about this event soon.

The third Time Out of this month will be about dancing. I'm really happy to announce that my favorite dance teacher Sylvia Valentine, who inspired me deeply, will be coming to give a workshop in Yoga studia Sadhana. She is a Bharatanatyam dancer and a truly amazing artist and I have to say attending her dance lessons were the highlight of this year for me. At the workshop Sylvia Valentine will teach us bhangra, a folk dance from Punjab, and a Bollywood choreography with elements of Rajastani folk dance and with lots of mudras. I can't wait!

The last event of this month will be a lecture on Bhagavadgita. Our guest will be Tina Košir Mazi, who is herself a yoga teacher and Satyananda yoga practitioner. She is also involved with yoga philosophy on the academic level: Bhagavadgita was her major at university and kashmiri saivism is now the theme of her PGD studies.
Bhagavadgita itself is the jewel of Indian philosophy and literature. It's a part of the great epic Mahabharata; it starts, when Arjun, one of the warriors in the great battle on the fields of Kurukshetra, decides he doesn't want to fight. "I don't care about this kingdom and power, if I have to kill my relatives just to get them." But his charioteer is no other than Hindu god Krishna, who explains to him why he has to fight. He also explains about karma, dharma, different types of yoga and more... An always inspiring and interesting subject, I'm really grateful for the chance to hear more about it.

Anyway, everybody is welcome to these events. We meet up every Thursday at 20.00 at Yoga Studio Sadhana!

 Četrkov Time Out: Joga Nidra
vodi: Zana Fabjan Blažič
9.maj 2012 ob 20.00
Joga Studio Sadhana
10 evrov
Četrtkov Time Out: Vodena meditacija ob živi glasbi
vodi: Ana Colja
16.maj 2013 ob 20.00
Joga Studio Sadhana
10 evrov

 Četrtkov Time Out: Indijski ples
vodi: Sylvia Valentine
23. maj 2013 ob 20.00
Joga Studio Sadhana
10 evrov

Četrtkov Time Out: Bhagavadgita
predava: Tina Košir Mazi
30. maj 2013 ob 20.00
Joga Studio Sadhana
10 evrov