Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Après Garde

Here it is, Trinitron's new mini album Après Garde. Trinitron is a  'bedroom twee-Laibach, new wave, Koenji-kei, electro-pop' project that we have with Ian Martin, Kaname K and N'toko. This is our third release, the other two being 'More Real Than News' (2010) and 'Subsidence' (2011). As usual we spent three months discussing the songs and then three days writing and recording them. And by three days I mean the last three days in Tokyo before me and Miha went home. All Trinitron albums were recorded in exactly same way and powered by junk food.

Ian put it best when he described our sound: Something electronic happening with two girls talking over in funny accents.
And Miha continued with: If you're into weird new wave stuff with political/economic commentary wrapped in inside jokes, than this is the band for you.

So, the mini album is out on Call and Response Records, you can hear it on soundcloud and download it for free. Enjoy:)

To read about our previous albums, check: 

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Safari vol.11 with Kleemar and Helahirn

Welcome to the last Safari of the year 2012. This time we're hosting the legendary Kleemar, a well known producer from Slovenia's alter/ electronic scene. He will perform with his fresh new material, so we're all really looking forward to hearing his new stuff. 
The other guest of the night will be Helahirn, an energetic producer we saw performing recently and got very excited about. Check him out cause you're gonna hear a lot about him soon:)
Warming-up and after party, as usual, by N'toko, PlankTon and me. And the visuals will be taken care of by the one and only Koala.
See you!!!!!

LiVe aCts:

PlankTon (
N'toko (
Zana (

Koala™(Jet Jam) (

Gromka. 13.12.2012. ob 22:30
Vstopnina: 3evre

Helahirn, live at Rdeča Ostriga

And Kleemar, live at Kino Udarnik

Tuesday, 4 December 2012


I'm gonna DJ at Trashnjice on Thursday, December 6th. I think it's gonna be an interesting event: four DJs that will play Latino evergreens, Bollywood, yugoslavian goldies and techno, all in one night! The less sense it makes the better :)
Since I'm gonna play Bollywood music, I invited some girls from Bollywood dance group to join me on stage, yeeeeeeah!
See you in Gromka - Shanti Priya, Afortunada, Cica Mica and Ninabelle are expecting you!

Klub Gromka
6th December 2012
10.00.- 4.00.
2 euros
Afortunada, Shanti Priya, Cica Mica, Ninabelle

One more invitation!
If you want to join Bollywood dance group, come to Celovška cesta 134b (next to the Second Sun studio)- dance lessons are held every Thursday from 18.00. to 19.30.

And something for the warm-up :)

See you!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Desire no more

Peter Giodani took some really nice photos again at Safari. The atmosphere at november's event was so good it still warms my heart when I think about it. Nina Belle made us dance us with her cool techno set and ABOP showed the audience they mean it. No joke. Dance or die:)
Thanks again to everybody who helped this night happen: VJ magician Koala, Peter for photos, people from Gromka for support and of course- thanks to everybody who came and welcomed our guests with your arms and hearts open wide :) See you next time!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I was obsessed

My new mix:
"I used to wash my hands up to 3 times a day"
Enjoy :)

Housewife feat Miss Kittin- Oxia
Optic - Clouds
Celebro (NT89 remix)- B-Ju
Drop it- Les Petits Pilous
Let the beat control your body feat Louisahhh!- Brodinski
Blow me away- BS1
Viol (Brodinski remix)- Gessafelstein
Hoes- Oliver $, Sqim-
Tick Tok- Ill Blu
Kickin it- Green Velvet
Bit this thin- Djedjetronic
Grip- Keith & Supabeatz
Girlz - Miss Kittin
Lose Yourself feat Ana Saunderson- Surkin
Kaki- Diamonds- Kaki
Streetwise- High Powered Boys
La Depression- Shampoo Guy

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Safari vol.10 with ABOP

Time for another Safari! This month we're presenting you ABOP from Croatia. An electronic project of artists you already know from Lollobrigida, Elemental and Pips, Čips  &Videoclips. It's going to be their fist gig in Sovenia which is another reason why you should check them out. The first one is, of course, their impressive music and visual show you can hear and see on youtube and soundcloud.
Our guest DJ this time will be the beautiful techno princess Nina Belle.
See you soon!
Safari vol.10
Gromka- Metelkova
15. november 2012
10.30. - 4.00.
3 euros

 V novemberskem Safariju se nam bo prvič odkar obstajamo pridružila tuja zasedba. Hrvaška skupina ABOP je ambiciozen elektronski projekt sedmih artistov, ki so med drugim posojali svoj talent skupinam kot so Lollobrigida, Elemental ter Pips,Čips & Videoclips, del ekipe pa sta tudi vizualec in tonski mojster. Brezkompromisni party bend nas po pristopu še najbolj spominja na zvočne hudobije belgijskih Soulwax, ABOP pa v zmes vržejo veliko mero svojega lastnega temperamenta. DJ ekipi v
postavi Zana, N'toko, PlankTon se bo tokrat s svojim odličnim izborom tehna pridružila Nina Belle, na vizualijah pa seveda ne bo manjkal Koala™.

live act:


"Where party ends- after begins!"

Nina Belle 

Koala™(Jet Jam) 

 And Nina's mix:

Friday, 9 November 2012


After yesterday's amazing gig in Gromka, Praha Depart are heading to Maribor. Tonight they will play a show in Kino Udarnik, don't miss them if you're from around. Safari crew (N'toko, PlankTon and me) will take care of the after party. Check out the full schedule of the event, it's really interesting. Movies, fashion show, a concert and DJs.

Anyway, thanks again for showing up in Gromka last night, it really ment a lot to us. When you're booking your favorite band, a band that you believe in so much, you really want people to see them and to experience their beautiful music. And you also want the best experience possible for the band; an excited crowd that will acknowledge them in the way they deserve. 
Big thanks to Napravi Mi Dete for their support. You were magical as always. Powerful songs, powerful performance! Cool and fragile at the same time... Thanks thanks thanks for being a part of this show!
And for the end, thanks to our "mainstream-egos": Shanti Priya, Bravo Urška and Shampoo Guy, for showing up and providing us with mega hits nobody has ever heard before :)

Kino Udarnik:
9. november 2012
Filmi, Fashion show, Praha Depart, Safari


// komedija // Slovenija //2012 // Klemen Dvornik // 94 min // vstopnina: 3/4 €

18.00: Feshnteka predstavlja: performans BODY IS NOT FOR SALE
// Dualik Polonezza, A-Mash in MačkeTina

19.30: Japonska jesen: KNJIGA MRTVIH (Sisha no sho)
// Kihachiro Kawamoto, Japonska, 70 min // predfilm: Avtoportret (1 min)

21.30: Klub Udarnik predstavlja: live@Udarnik PRAHA DEPART (Jap)
// vstopnina: 7 € (+after)

23.30: Klub Udarnik predstavlja: SAFARI CREW afterparty
// N'toko, Plankton, Zana // vstopnina: 3 €

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

No Wig- No Life!

Just before going home from Japan I modeled for a hair saloon called Createur Uchino. Their studio is on the top of this very fancy building in Omotesando, above Chanel and Bulgari. It felf funny :)
Anyway, I posed with three wigs. The blond one and the red one were nice, but I  didn't really like the blue one.  I looked too V-kei :) The staff was really friendly and professional, it was pleasant working with them.  Here are a few pics from the shooting.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Scorpions and snakes

Photos from Safari vol.9 with Bownr and Poll A Rock taken by Peter Giodani.
Gromka, 8th November 2012.
Thanks for coming :)

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Fashion Crisis II

On Thursday, November 8th, one of my favorite bands in the universe is coming to Slovenia. I'm talking about Praha Depart, trance-rock-post-punk trio from Tokyo. They are on their second European tour and they're stopping by to play four shows here: two in Ljubljana, one in Maribor and one in Črnomelj. Yes, I want to see all four of them and at the end I know I'll cry for more.
I'm especially looking forward to their gig in Gromka. The event will be the second Slovenian edition of Tokyo's Fashion Crisis, where you can bump into unimaginable/ weird but cool /combinations of DJs and bands.
For this occasion Praha Depart will play with Napravi Mi Dete, the band with the most "Koenji swag" in Slovenia. A killer combination!
The atmosphere before/between/after bands will be created by unconventional selection of DJs. Doza from Gala Hala with some new wave and punk, Bravo Urška with Korean pop, Shampoo Guy with all of the "beatport's upcoming genres" and me as Shanti Priya, with Bollywood.
Anyway, Gromka is the place to be on Thursday!!!!!

Praha Depart
Napravi Mi Dete
Shanti Priya
Bravo Urška
Shampoo Guy

where: Gromka
when: 8th November
time: 22.00.- 4.00
entry: 7 euros

Some photos of Praha Depart! They were taken by Matt Schley, James Hadfield and Yuko Nakamura.

And my favorite song:

And of course, the amazing Napravi Mi Dete. Trash pop that makes me cry. I just love them. And If I'm happy to see Praha Depart in Slovenia, I would be just as happy if I can one day see Napravi Mi Dete in Koenji in Bar One at Fashion Crisis :)