Friday, 28 October 2011

Funky India

Many people is asking me why do I keep returning to India. Is it yoga? Spirituality? Food? I found a sentence that I can use as an answer just a few days ago in the book I'm reading for the third time this year. 

"If we were to calculate the average time per day different populations of the world spend smiling, Indians would rank top of the list." (Patric Levy)

And since smiling is contagious, India is a nice place to be.

And if you look closer to India's great movie/ music/ marketing production, you can get at least a glimps of why this nation is so funky. Here is just a few examples that always makes me laugh and remind me why I love India so much. Enjoy:)

First video is the ultimate movie scene in the world! Action at it's best!

Another brilliant action scene, even better then The Terminator. It's worth your time for sure. In the land of mystics and superpowers, everything is possible.

Let's stick to the superheroes. Indian Superman? Indian Spiderwoman?

Well, the next superhero has to be Indian Michael Jackson.

Love. Life. Death. Eternity. Super funny commercial video that includes some ethnological education as well.

And of course let's not forget Benny Lava, a superhero of dance. Maybe this is the funkiest song in the world and it dangerously raises the level of happy hormones. Be aware:)

But Indian superheroes don't live just on big screens. They are real. This is the video of a flying yogi, filmed in Tiruvannamalai. He flies like a rocket:) Even better than Superman. 

While I was working on this blog entry, I realised something. It is about spirituality. As Swami Sivananda said: "A good sense of humor is a sign of spititual growth." And of course, all these superheros... How did they attain their powers? It must be yoga:)

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tokyo indie part 3

And this is the third part of a video selection of my favorite bands from the Tokyo indie scene. Check the following links to see the first two parts.

Many compare Puffy Shoes with their more famous sempais Afrirampo. But some songs remind me of Coco Rosie, which is quiet the opposite. A wonderful band to watch. And it always amused me how one of the girls' boyfriend looks exactly like my ex roommate Rok. How can the same face appear on the other side of the world? I guess it's true that we all have doubles somewhere...

I don't know how long Milla and the Geeks exist but I got the impression that they are the new hot thing in town, since everybody talks about them with so much excitement. New or old, they are hot:)

She talks silence is two cool girls, sometimes described as bedroom pop or fuzzy garage rock. I've seen them a few times and it was always brilliant. 

I've only seen Tacobonds play together with Acid Mothers Temple in this crazy psychedelic jam session and they seemed cool. But then I heard this song and I fell in love with it. You hear it once and it sticks to your head and gives you this melancholic but kind of happy feeling. Like autumn or something... 

Anisakis describe their music as alternative noise. Another very inspiring band. And this video is worth your time for sure:)

Frap Frap Fraps is DJ Mince's band. Their music is a chaotic mix of rock and electro. Mince on the guitar and programing and two girls. Cool singer and a cute tiny keyboard player (the previous one was called Petit and the new one is even tinier, but wears super platformed shoes- I really like both of them).

See you at Praha Depart's concert in Slovenia:)

Tokyo indie part 2

This is a second part of the video collection of my favorite Tokyo bands, just before Praha Depart gig in Ljubljana on Thursday. You can find the first part here:

Otocompo is a true indie boy band. With indie boys dressed in sailors. What is more perverted than that? Anyway, it's an amazing band to watch: almost like a live cartoon with songs, for example, a cover of Radioactivity by Kraftwerk- very up to the date music basically:)

Plasticzooms is a band that inspired me and my friends to form a goth band called RavensChurch. We don't have any songs yet, just the titles for them and for the album. Watch out for it, I guess it's coming out next summer when I return to Tokyo to do some recordings:) It's gonna be awesome and even more 80's than Trinitron!

Bo Ningen is a band that is currently situated in London. They are an interesting mixture of what I imagine Japanese ghost stories and Blair witch project. A Japanese band with long black hair playing 'seventies' stone rock- that's my thing!

The Mornings are just awesome. They're one of the craziest bands I've seen live. They would start their gig with stage diving (even at if necessary) and would often hurt themselves physically but still stay happy and crazy until the end.

Safari is a band with an amazing actor Asano Tadanobu on vocals. I've seen them only once but it was so hardcore, the greatest mash up in my life. I started in the front row but I had to move far back in order not to get hurt. And we thought the band's  name is so cool that we stole it for our Dj event in Ljubljana:)

Hyacca is another great band that knows how to rock (without the smooth). They're from Kyushu but have a record label in Tokyo. This girl is so tiny but she always reminds me on a quote from my shampoo: "Enough raw energy to power a small city!"

That's it for the second part. One more to come.

Tokyo indie part 1

I'm all fired up about Praha Depart, this truly amazing band from Tokyo coming to Slovenia this week. They're playing two shows here, one in Ljubljana on October 20th and one in Maribor on the 22nd. Then they're off for a European tour together with N'toko. If you have time, please check them out. Irresistible gipsy punk? A Japanese band with Eastern European aesthetics? It's even better than it sounds:)

All this excitement about them playing in Slovenia makes me a bit nostalgic about Tokyo indie scene. I saw so many great bands when I was there, bands that will probably never be heard outside of Japan (with a few exceptions).  So, thinking about them, listening to their music over and over again, watching my poor quality videos from the gigs, I decided to make a blog entry with some videos of my favorite bands that I've seen play in the live venues of Koenji, Shimo- Kitazawa, Shinjuku and other cool parts of Tokyo. Not much words, just videos. In three parts. And there will be nothing objective in the post, just a tribute to the bands that I like.  If you want to read more about these bands and the gigs we've been to, please visit N'toko's old blog on Myspace:

First: Praha Depart and my favorite song by them, it always gives me the chills.

Andersens are the band I think I've listen to the most of all bands in the last few years. Their music reminds me of Koenji, probably my favorite place in the world (besides Varanasi an Sentjernej, of course).  Small bizarre venues in Koenji where they played... My house in Koenji where I played their records on repeat every morning... My friend Ian said Onozaki-san (the leader of the band) is the best song writer in Japan. Well, I think so too:)

Melt Banana are not just a local band, they're world famous and we even had a chance to see them in Ljubljana about a year ago. They are AWESOME, the singer is so charismatic and the shows are pure punk!

Acid mothers temple were the first Japanese gig that I've seen in my life, that was in Ljubljana in 2004. Well, apparently it changed my life:) I went to their concert a few month ago (Enban summer Jamboree in Shibuya) and it was crazy. The gig turned into a bizarre hippy black magic freak out: Kawabata-san burned his guitar and destroyed it into pieces, the guitar's neck flew directly into my head, yes, rock'n'roll can be dangerous:) But I still keep that piece of guitar, it's one of my favorite souvenirs from Japan:) (oh, just a note- they're not from Tokyo, but from Nagoya)

Boris is another band that is more famous out side of Japan than at home. But they had a great crowd at the gig that I've been to. Doom/stone/grunge/rock/pop/metal something. Unique. Dark and fascinating.

That's it for this post, there's more to come soon!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


There is an interview with me in a Japanese magazine Hiragana Times. Felicity Hughes talked to me about my love for Japanese music. Since this is a topic I can talk about for hours, the interview appeared in a shortened version. It tells the basics: I started liking Japanese music when I heard Otomo Yoshihide and Hikashu on Slovenian Radio Student, later on I became a dedicated fan of Boredoms, when I came to Tokyo, I got into the city's indie and club scene. Praha Depart, Andersens and Nakata Yasutaka are top shit:)