Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Fashion Crisis

This Friday I'll be DJ-ing at my favorite event in Koenji, Fashion Crisis, at Bar One. It's gonna be a special night- event's second anniversary:) Congratulations!

Place: Koenji Bar One (one-koenji.com)
Date: 4/1 (Fri)
Time: 20:00-04:30
Price: FREE

- Gogatech: Guitar loops and Martian folk music.
- Satoru Ono: He might be the Japanese Billy Bragg, but then I might be lying.
- NZNZCake: Synth-pop eccentrica.
- N'toko: Slovenian disco sex.

- Wizz Jones (Telepatia)
- Lotus (Weekend Never Dies)
- Mike Ness (Hindu Love)
- WSZ80 (LEF! Crew)
- Zana
- Sumire (Twee Grrrls Club)
- James Hadfield
- Ian Martin
- Mr. Takashi "DebRiddim" Oguri

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