Saturday, 9 April 2011

God is a DJ

I went to my 'God is a DJ' Nakata Yasutaka's party on monday, which was exactly one year after I last saw him. That was my final night in Japan, and I thought it's the most appropriate to conclude the whole Tokyo story with going to the club, seeing Nakata, trying to reach the front row (in which I actually succeeded), dancing and than going to the airport, tired enough to sleep the whole way home. With the help of my friends, the night was perfect.

So, here I am now, back in Tokyo, anxiously waiting for new Capsule's album, NOT titled Killer Wave, but World of Fantasy.

Jumper, maybe still my favorite Capsule's song. This song turned on the 'dance button' in me. The 'Old Me' became the 'New Me'.

 Nakata Yasutaka, producer of Capsule and Perfume

Crazy crowd (Air Daikanyama, REd by t.o.t. party on 4.4.2011)

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