Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Fashion Crisis worldwide!

Ian Martin, the boss of Call and Response Records, organizer of super cool Koenji events Fashion Crisis and the mastermind behind our band Trinitron, is coming to Ljubljana with his beautiful wife Kaname K. We decided to make Fashion Crisis an international party, so the event will be held in Tokyo and Ljubljana on the same day. The party on which the sun never sets.Unconventional DJs who'll spin the most awesome hits you've never heard before will try to bring you the magic of Tokyo's eclectic underground scene with a Slovenian twist. Music from the world and beyond. Be ready for some new wave, electro, postpunk, Japanese bubblegum spazz-core, kraut-glam, technopop, Korean pop, North Korean pop, NDW, French syntcore, post swag-wave, Dutch-electro-Bollyhouse, junglist cybertrance, post-girlfriend junglepop, chip-hop. inter swagtronica, showinist bounce and MORE!

where: Menza Pri Koritu, Metelkova mesto.
when: Friday, April 6th 2012
time: 22.00.-5.00.
entrance: free before midnight, 2 euros after.


Ian Martin
Kaname K
Svemir Mango (Kukla in Eva from Napravi Mi Dete)
Shampoo Guy
Bravo Urska
Shanti Priya
where: Bar One, Koenji
when: Friday, April 6th
time: 20.00.-1.00.
entrance: free

DJs and live acts:

DJ Spudboy (from UK)
Sheee!!! & Ayaya (Bad Noise)
Grant McGaheran (Abikyokan)
Haru (3TE1)
James Hadfield

DJ team 3TE1 (Kaname K and Haru) at Fashion Crisis in Koenji.
Photo by James Hadfield.

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