Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Napravi Mi Dete

 It's been a long time since I've been so excited about an event. Well, to be honest, since the Fashion Crisis two weeks ago, but this is giving me a thrill as well:) Seven is supposed to be a magic number and for the 7th edition of Safari we booked a supernatural band 'Napravi Mi Dete' (the translation of the name would be 'Make Me a Baby'). With super powers that make you love them immediately:) Check out the videos bellow to see for yourself:) 
What makes me like them even more is the fact that they sound like they could be a Koenji band. While going to gigs in Koenji I always thought how unique this aesthetic is and that we don't have any bands like this in Slovenia. But now- we have:) Underground pop? Makes me happy and nostalgic at the same time...
After the gig Mr.Gucci from Smetnjak will take over and make us dance!!! You're most welcome to join us:)

Na aprilskem Safariju se nam bodo prvič v živo predstavili elektronski pop mutantje NAPRAVI MI DETE, člani zasedb We Can't Sleep At Night in Coma Stereo zbrani okoli vokalistk Kukle in Eve, od katerih, po njihovih spotih sodeč, smemo pričakovati le nepričakovano. Za pokoncertno umazanijo bo poskrbel smetnjakovec Mr.Gucci, z vami pa bodo seveda tudi rezident DJ-ji N'toko, Zana, PlankTon in nepogrešljivi vizualist Koala™.

In the april edition of Safari we are proud to welcome electronic pop mutants NAPRAVI MI DETE! Members of outstanding bands We Can't Sleep at Night and Coma Stereo have gathered around oddball vocalists Kukla and Eva, forming a crew we quite frankly don't know what to expect from. Mr.Gucci from the Smetnjak crew will be bringing the dirt after the gig along with residents N'toko, Zana, PlankTon, and visual artist Koala™.

Napravi mi dete
"Verjetno najbolj posrečeno mutirani muzikalni stvor zahodno od Tokia."
Mr.Gucci (Smetnjak) (www.soundcloud.com/mr_gucci)
PlankTon (www.facebook.com/DjPlankTon)
N'toko (www.soundcloud.com/ntoko)
Zana (www.soundcloud.com/zanacaroline)

Koala™(Trajna) (www.eurocrem.co.cc)

Gromka. 19.4.2012. ob 22:30
Vstopnina: 3evre


And Mr. Gucci's mix:

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