Monday, 28 May 2012

I can't seem to control my clothes

The last Safari of the season was also one of the best. EWOK were brilliant and the crowd went crazy.  This was officially their first gig (if we don't count a surprise appearance at Gala Hala a week before) but they are already true rock stars! I'm sure they have an exciting future ahead of them. Good Luck!
The gig was opened by the always cool Svemir Mango and followed by the team of Safari DJs.

At this point I would like to thank everybody who helped to make this whole Safari thing happen. Klub Gromka- for letting us play at the venue and for the kind help with organization, Koala- for making the most awesome and original visuals, Peter Giodani- for providing us with colorful party photos. 
Also thanks to all the bands and DJ's who played at the events. It was our pleasure and honor to have you here. 
And last but not least, thanks to everybody who were partying and dancing with us and supporting these awesome acts.
So, Safari says: Bye bye for the summer, see you in September:)

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  1. Thank YOU Safari, for giving us a monthly event of fresh, quality music to dance to - we've really missed that before in Ljubljana..I mean, ok, there's K4, but some of us just don't like the "poser" scene there :) ..and a really good attendance at Safari's on thursdays! proves me right..another thing: always a "chilled out" crowd at Safari's.., me and my friends never had any problems whatsoever.., wish I could say that for other clubs in Lj...and yeah btw, the visuals were always killer!, keep up the really good work!