Monday, 15 October 2012


It's been a while since Kaki posted a song. So, here is a new one. It's called Diamonds and it's sort of a play on my James Bond girl's accent (simply put: Slavic). It was recorded just at the beginning of my stay in Tokyo this summer. Enjoy!

Kaki also played a few shows again while in Japan. This is a video clip from Utero, Fukuoka. It was actually a proper gig in a proper live house with many great bands. I must say it was an important experience for Kaki who usually doesn't do live gigs:)

And one more thing. In August Matt Schley (who is also the author of the photo on the top of the page) and Miha were shooting a new PV for N'toko. Kaki has a small role in it, playing herself and being mysterious. Here is a short preview of the video, looks cool.

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