Friday, 9 November 2012


After yesterday's amazing gig in Gromka, Praha Depart are heading to Maribor. Tonight they will play a show in Kino Udarnik, don't miss them if you're from around. Safari crew (N'toko, PlankTon and me) will take care of the after party. Check out the full schedule of the event, it's really interesting. Movies, fashion show, a concert and DJs.

Anyway, thanks again for showing up in Gromka last night, it really ment a lot to us. When you're booking your favorite band, a band that you believe in so much, you really want people to see them and to experience their beautiful music. And you also want the best experience possible for the band; an excited crowd that will acknowledge them in the way they deserve. 
Big thanks to Napravi Mi Dete for their support. You were magical as always. Powerful songs, powerful performance! Cool and fragile at the same time... Thanks thanks thanks for being a part of this show!
And for the end, thanks to our "mainstream-egos": Shanti Priya, Bravo Urška and Shampoo Guy, for showing up and providing us with mega hits nobody has ever heard before :)

Kino Udarnik:
9. november 2012
Filmi, Fashion show, Praha Depart, Safari


// komedija // Slovenija //2012 // Klemen Dvornik // 94 min // vstopnina: 3/4 €

18.00: Feshnteka predstavlja: performans BODY IS NOT FOR SALE
// Dualik Polonezza, A-Mash in MačkeTina

19.30: Japonska jesen: KNJIGA MRTVIH (Sisha no sho)
// Kihachiro Kawamoto, Japonska, 70 min // predfilm: Avtoportret (1 min)

21.30: Klub Udarnik predstavlja: live@Udarnik PRAHA DEPART (Jap)
// vstopnina: 7 € (+after)

23.30: Klub Udarnik predstavlja: SAFARI CREW afterparty
// N'toko, Plankton, Zana // vstopnina: 3 €

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