Sunday, 7 August 2011


Just some photos from my recent events. The one above is from Koenji One, Oguri-san (the owner of One) and Kaki. It was a fun night, Nina, my friend from Slovenia came to the concert and she gave Oguri-san a lesson of useful English words, such as hangover. So, that's how he named this photo: 'A HANGOVER'.

Last week I DJ-ed at Velours in Aoyama. I thought Trump Room and Le Baron are funny places, but this surpassed both of them. It has the biggest chandelier and the head of a dead buffalo (well, not the real one I guess), the smoothest staff in black with photoshop perfection to them and a black guy in a suit checking IDs at the door. On top of that it's super difficult to be find which only adds to the mysteriousness of the place. Like a hidden resort for rich's private parties in the fancy part of the town.

The event was cool, some really cool bands were lined up and it's too bad so few people showed up. The candy of the evening was the band Otocompo- a new band that arose form the ruins of Motocompo. Pretty indie boys dressed in sailor suits doing robot-like cartoonish dance to a video game sounding 'ska-electro' music  in a cheesy high class club? Sounds perverted, but definitely a sight to remember:)

To end the night in a style, our Koenji/Nakano crew went home in taxi. But only because there was no trains anymore, haha. We got our swag on that night. Swag on- log in- rock out!

N'toko, Electric Vevet vol 1.

DJ-ing at Velours.

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