Monday, 21 November 2011

Explosions in my head

Last month I met Katarina. She is an AGRFT (Academy of Theater, Radio, Movie and Television) student and had a project to do for her school: a portrait of a person she doesn't know. We saw each other before at some gigs but never really met so she asked me if I could help. Sure, why not:)
First we went for a coffee to Kino Šiška, then we had a tea at my place and then again a coffee by Ljubljanica. We talked a lot and she took photos- the point of her work was to present different interpretations of me just by changing the order of the photos.

In this blog I don't want to present just photos from our shooting, but also Katarina's other work. You can find her under the name Kukla Kesherovich (or Katarina Kesherovich or Katarina Rešek) and you can check out her photography on:
She also has a musical project Napravi Mi Dete. It's funny that I was a big fan of hers even before I knew who she was. I saw her videos months ago and I thought they're really cool. Check them out!

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