Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Zombie Nation

'Decemberfest' will be an event in K4 organized by Smetnjak and I'm really happy about our Safari crew getting the honor to DJ with Zombie Nation, an artist I admire a lot. I think I've never played a Dj set without one of his songs in it. I'm gonna see him for the first time and I'm already excited about it:)
Here is more info on the event:

location: K4, Ljubljana
date: 9th December 2011

main floor:

NubiS (Smetnjak)
Mr. Gucci (Smetnjak)

Small floor:

N'toko (Safari)
PlankTon (Safari)
Zana (Safari)
Shekuza (Moveknowledgement)

Mina Fina (Smetnjak)

Dekor: (Smetnjak)

Dresscode is not zombie, but nation!

Entree fee:
before midnight: 7 euros.
students, dress-code, with flyer: 8 euros

And here are some videos, to get a taste of his music:

The first video is Gizmode. I actually saw the dancers from this video at one show in Tokyo. They were supporting the pop/electro pop singer Tigarah. It was really funny when I saw this video later on and I went: Oh, those guys! And I also saw them a few weeks later on the street in Harajuku. Small world:)

The next video is for Kernkraft 400, I played the remix of this song when I deejayed for the very first time, because my favorite DJ at that time had it in her mix and I wanted to be like her. She was so unbelievably cool and pretty, well she still is but I wouldn't necessarily play her songs again, even though she is still my biggest inspiration.

And the latest Zombie Nation's project ZZT (together with Tiga):

Come and play:)

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