Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Haunted House

Kaki's next gig will be on Sunday, 29th July at Obake Yashiki. Obake Yashiki is mainly an experimental/ noise/ underground event but stays open for all genres. The name of the event literally means 'haunted house' and it really looks like one since it's taking place at Gari Gari, one of the most bizarre looking venues I've ever seen. Maybe it looks more like a wrecked ship than a house, but still haunted:) Anyway, it's gonna be fun and musically very diverse, so don't miss it :)


when: July 29th
where: Gari Gari (Ikenoue station)
open: 18.30.
start: 19.30.
1000 yen

Jahiliyyah! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWqEkoezCco&feature=plcp)
Kiek! (http://soundcloud.com/kiieek )
The Dosages! ( http://www.polarityrecords.com/the-dosages.html )
Kaki! (http://m.soundcloud.com/zanacaroline )

 And a few photos from previous events:
Kaki at Fashion Crisis:

Kaki at Telephone Club:

Kaki at Fukuoka/ Utero:

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