Thursday, 6 June 2013

Time Out 3

And here comes the last month of this Time Out season. If you don't know, Time Out evenings are events in Joga Studio Sadhana, aimed at promoting yoga culture in a wider sense. That means we're trying to expand people's knowledge on yoga beyond body postures and give them a brief insight into yoga's philosophy, psychology, therapy and more. Some topics go even broader than that: Indian dance, music and literature, since India is the motherland of yoga and since great artists of Indian culture were always considered great yogis as well.
So, the last two events before summer break are relaxation with the sound of gongs (performed by Špela Cvetko) and my lecture on Yoga Psychology. I've been fascinated by this topic ever since I read my first yoga book and I have a feeling that this is something I keep explaining to my students anyway. Piece by piece. Now I'm going to give this topic the form of a proper lecture. You'll hear about koshas, chakras, gunas, swara, yamas, niyamas, karma yoga and much more...
Everybody welcome :)

Četrtkov Time Out: Jogijska psihologija
13.junij 2013 ob 20.00
Joga Studio Sadhana

Četrtkov Time Out: Zvočna Gong Kopel
6.junij 2013 ob 20.00
Joga Studio Sadhana

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