Monday, 2 May 2011


This Friday (May 6th) I'm having my first concert. I will perform as Kaki. Kaki is my alter ego that I created one year ago when I came back from Japan and I was unemployed and really bored. Kaki is a mysterious girl, more a fairy tale character than a real one, who doesn't have a public life, she just stays at home with her toys, lost in her daydreams.  She also likes internet, so basically I can describe her as a vintage cyber teenage fairy.  She is me but also she is not me. She uses my body when she wants to take photos of herself, but she keeps her wigs.

Kaki recorded 5 songs so far. I already included one of her songs on my DJ mixtape "Cabbages and Condoms". Now I uploaded the song on my Soundcloud profile.

Looksmelltasteheartouch feat. Kaki- Zana by zanacaroline

So, please, if you can, come to see Kaki performing at Fashion Crisis, this Friday (May 6th) in Bar One/ Koenji, at 20.00.

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