Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Last year in Tokyo, Miha and I joined the avant-garde pop band Trinitron. It was founded by our friend Ian several years ago and we got involved for the recording of a Candies' cover song for Ian's compilation that he was about to release on Valentine's day. 
The song was such a big success (well, among our friends) that we decided to record an entire EP. Three original songs and one more cover. It  was a japanese cover of a Slovenian song covered again by our Slovenian/Japanese/English band. WINK- Namida wo misenaide- Boys don't cry (Moulin Rouge). That was kind of a postmodern moment, I guess:)
Anyway, the EP called More real than news is apparently sold out:)
And we are about to record a new one soon. 

TRINITRON: Kaname, N'toko, me, Ian, Kantaro

Trinitron: Heart no Ace ga Detekonai by callandresponse

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