Saturday, 7 May 2011

Dirty Dancing

This post is not an introduction to Bollywood, since the songs bellow are not classics of Indian film music, they are more of it's hidden gems. The movie Daud was not a commercial success, but it had a wonderful soundtrack, with songs written by a hitmaker A.R. Rahman (also responsible for the music from Rangeela and Delhi 6).
The song Zahreela Pyar is a heavy dark sexual tune sung by unrivaled Asha Bhosle and Leena Chandra Das. Urmila Matondkar, one of the sexiest indian actresses, was the best choice to impersonate Asha's sensual vocal on the screen. Asha's voice and Urmila's body- a killer combination!
Somebody who is not used to the 'gorgeous woman/ not so gorgeous guy' Bollywood combination wouldn't like Sunjay Dutt by Urmila's side, but I think he actually adds a lot to the presentation of primal sexual energies in the scene. A male prototype (a prehistoric one).

I also like the song Shabba Shabba, sung by Sonu Nigam, Ranu Mukherji and Neeraj Vohra. This one is just really bizarre-  alcohol, drugs, cripples, goats, pigeons, sadhus- mixed into a crazy psychedelic party- worth watching the whole way through.


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