Sunday, 19 June 2011


I met Ai Kariya one night in Shibuya, two months ago. She is a photographer and she was interested in working with me. After hanging out together a few times, we finally set a date for a photo shooting. She arranged two stylists for me, one girl in the morning and one guy (plus his assistant) in the afternoon, to get bigger diversity of the photos. It was fun even though I got the impression that the first stylist was chasing ghosts away from me (Ai told me that the girl does this sometimes to her models if she feels they have demons on them and since she suddenly started to hit me in the back really hard, well, I just can't make myself believe that that was a massage to relax my facial muscles, haha). We worked for 15 hours and then we went out to party. Tokyo Dandy anniversary party near by in Daikanyama seemed like the right choice for the moment, since it's one of the most popular fashionista parties in town. The experience was complete with me getting lost in the morning on the way home, but it felt good anyway, after a fun day and a fun night, to wonder around the streets of still sleeping Tokyo, absorbing first rays of the sun...
You can check Ai Kariya's website here:

And here are just a few examples of what we did.

  And a photo from Tokyo Dandy party, taken down from the blog: Site about Tokyo. Me and Ai.

 You can check more photos from Tokyo Dandy anniversary here:

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