Tuesday, 7 June 2011

YOGA classes in Koenji

 On Thursday, June 9th, I start with my yoga classes at Baby-Q Dance Lab in Koenji. I  will held classes on Thursday evenings and Friday mornings. Everybody is welcome to come!

THURSDAYS: 18.00-19.00pm
FRIDAYS: 10.00-11.10am

price: 1500yen, trial lesson:1000 yen, 5 lessons: 7000 yen


〒166-0003 東京都杉並区高円寺南4-26-19 小野田ビル3F

About the teacher:

VIDYA GURUKULといった著名な大学においてヨガとインド哲学を学び、E-RYT
500(経験あるヨガの指導者)の資格を持つに至った。出身地であるスロヴェニアのYOGA STUDIO

Zana Fabjan Blazic first met yoga already as a teenager. Trough her admiration of Indian culture, music and tradition she discovered the ancient knowledge of yoga and was instantly drown to it. She combined her love for traveling with her studies, taking Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology as her major subject at university. She traveled to India many times and studied yoga and philosophy at famous Indian yoga universities and institutes such as SVYASA and Yoga Vidya Gurukul. She is a E-RYT 500 (experienced yoga teacher) and teaches at yoga Yoga studio Sadhana in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She has also held lessons in India and Japan. The style of yoga she teaches is hatha yoga, suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners as well.

Classes will take place until the end of August 2011.

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