Monday, 6 June 2011


Last week I was modeling for Vantan design institute, a professional school for fashion, hair&make-up and design in Ebisu/Tokyo. I was modeling for students at their conversational class, they learn English to be able to communicate with foreign models in their future work. At the end we also took photos for their workbooks. It was fun and I found myself quietly singing Capsule's Prime Time, since this is a song Vantan used in their commercial video. How can I possibly not enjoy something connected to Capsule?

The first concept was a "Barbie girl". It was interesting since I never looked so "photo-shoped" in real life. I decided to keep the triple false eyelashes for the rest of the day, but felt sorry at the end. It felt like being drunk because my eyes were so heavy and my sight blurry.

The next week's concept was a "Kimono". I wore a kimono for the first time, it's just an amazing piece of clothing, but it's kind of impossible to walk in it. So, I had this doll-like make-up and a kimono and I could enjoy myself in a concept of beauty completely new to me. When the photographer wanted me to look sexy, I couldn't. I'm still trying to understand the sexiness of a kimono:) I know it's there, but...

These are the students who were my make-up artists and hair-stylists.

And for the end the CM with Capsule's song Prime Time.

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