Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tokyo indie part 2

This is a second part of the video collection of my favorite Tokyo bands, just before Praha Depart gig in Ljubljana on Thursday. You can find the first part here: http://zanacaroline.blogspot.com/2011/10/tokyo-indie-part-1.html

Otocompo is a true indie boy band. With indie boys dressed in sailors. What is more perverted than that? Anyway, it's an amazing band to watch: almost like a live cartoon with songs, for example, a cover of Radioactivity by Kraftwerk- very up to the date music basically:)

Plasticzooms is a band that inspired me and my friends to form a goth band called RavensChurch. We don't have any songs yet, just the titles for them and for the album. Watch out for it, I guess it's coming out next summer when I return to Tokyo to do some recordings:) It's gonna be awesome and even more 80's than Trinitron!

Bo Ningen is a band that is currently situated in London. They are an interesting mixture of what I imagine Japanese ghost stories and Blair witch project. A Japanese band with long black hair playing 'seventies' stone rock- that's my thing!

The Mornings are just awesome. They're one of the craziest bands I've seen live. They would start their gig with stage diving (even at 5.pm if necessary) and would often hurt themselves physically but still stay happy and crazy until the end.

Safari is a band with an amazing actor Asano Tadanobu on vocals. I've seen them only once but it was so hardcore, the greatest mash up in my life. I started in the front row but I had to move far back in order not to get hurt. And we thought the band's  name is so cool that we stole it for our Dj event in Ljubljana:)

Hyacca is another great band that knows how to rock (without the smooth). They're from Kyushu but have a record label in Tokyo. This girl is so tiny but she always reminds me on a quote from my shampoo: "Enough raw energy to power a small city!"

That's it for the second part. One more to come.

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