Monday, 16 January 2012


So, it's finally on Soundcloud, Trinitron's new EP 'Subsidence'. It's already a tradition to record Trinitron in the last three days of our stay in Tokyo and it was no different this time. Instead of using Kantaro's studio, we did most of the recordings in Ian and Kaname's living room while Ian was still making up songs and the rest of us were consuming lots of potato chips while waiting.

To explain from the start, Trinitron is a musical project that Tokyo based music journalist Ian Martin has with his wife Kaname, me and Miha got involved in it about 2 years ago for the recording of Candies cover song (you can read more about it here: ). Our first EP was called 'More Real Than News'.

To describe Trinitron's music, it would have to be New Wave, but very Koenji style.  Koenji is a very unique part of the world with it's own specific music aesthetics. It's a bit about being clumsy and uncertain but with attitude:)

(Zana Caroline, N'toko, Ian Martin, Kaname K)

We recorded six tracks this round, some of them originals, some covers and some rip-offs.

Killer Wave is a song about post earthquake situation in Tohoku and scouting for porn actresses amongst the victims. ( The title is stolen, of course, from Capsule's first idea for their album which ended up as The World of Fantasy due to the situation in Japan at the time of releasing it.)

Killer Wave by trinitronjp

Monday club needs a longer explanation, I will do it in another blog. It's my favorite Trinitron song- avantgard noise cover of three Japanese electro house pop hits:)
Monday Club by trinitronjp

10.000 Euros is  song about SAZAS, the Slovenian author's rights agency.  This story inspires even people overseas:)
10,000 Euros by trinitronjp

Polo Shirts Girl is another lesbian song that we have (I guess each EP will have one). It's an indie lesbian song:)
Polo Shirts Girl by trinitronjp

Democracy is a parody on Japan's best selling band AKB48. This group of 48 teenage girls has a song in which they try to convince the listener for which girl he should vote for (when you buy a CD you get a voting ticket and you can vote for your favorite member of the band-the one who wins can dance in the front and stuff like that). So, it's me and Kaname trying to convince you which one is better:)

Democracy by trinitronjp

Edge is a bonus track on the EP. It's a Pefume cover:)
Edge by trinitronjp

Thanks for listening:) 

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