Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Monday Club

Monday club is a song by Trinitron, named after our club for people who have nothing to do on Mondays (and for those who joined us after work), our traditional gathering place was a cheap Italian food chain Saizeriya. We were discussing about Nakata Yasutaka (http://zanacaroline.blogspot.com/2011/04/god-is-dj.html),our favorite producer a lot and we realized his lyrics are so 'great' (especially the ones on Capsule's latest album World of Fantasy) that they should be read aloud as a poetry. The followers of his poetry would be called neo-nakatniks. 
It was just at the time of recording our new EP so we dedicated one song to this idea. 'Monday Club' includes lyrics from 'Striker', 'I just wanna xxx you' and also a bit from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's 'Pon Pon Pon' (Kyary is Nakata's latest project). We translated them from English into Japanese and Slovenian and it turned out really bizarre. A combination of three original party songs came out as a rape song (or something else similarly morbid). Anyway, this song could be celebrated as a rare piece of Slovenian- Japanese lyrical intercourse, haaa:)

So, this is our song:

Monday Club by trinitronjp

And this are the songs that we stole our lyrics from:

「CAPSULE」 カプセル「I JUST WANNA XXX YOU」 by zeroonerawr

 But this is not our only tribute to Nakata Yasutaka on this album:) We also did a cover of Perfume's song Edge (Perfume is the most famous group that Nakata produces). 

Our version:

Edge by trinitronjp

The original (by the way, this is probably my favorite live videos of all times):

As you can see, we love Nakata Yasutaka (if we admit it or not)!

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