Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Après Garde

Here it is, Trinitron's new mini album Après Garde. Trinitron is a  'bedroom twee-Laibach, new wave, Koenji-kei, electro-pop' project that we have with Ian Martin, Kaname K and N'toko. This is our third release, the other two being 'More Real Than News' (2010) and 'Subsidence' (2011). As usual we spent three months discussing the songs and then three days writing and recording them. And by three days I mean the last three days in Tokyo before me and Miha went home. All Trinitron albums were recorded in exactly same way and powered by junk food.

Ian put it best when he described our sound: Something electronic happening with two girls talking over in funny accents.
And Miha continued with: If you're into weird new wave stuff with political/economic commentary wrapped in inside jokes, than this is the band for you.

So, the mini album is out on Call and Response Records, you can hear it on soundcloud and download it for free. Enjoy:)

To read about our previous albums, check: 

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